Don't let the spaces fool you

Well hello... I've been away for quite a while. This is mainly due to me being busy on building some new rooms on the top floor in my house. I'm almost finished now and a new Wolzak is on the way and due to arrive at the 21st of november.
Yesterday i ran into a problem that, in the end, wasn't a problem at all.
We have notifications in opsmgr 2007 set to send us e-mails and sms messages to certain events. I got a complaint from our servicedesk that they received the following alert by SMS:

  • "Could not allocate space for object  in database  because the filegroup  is full"

The problem however was that the database name was missing from the alert, as was the object name and filegroup name. The location where the values should be only contained 2 space characters, suggesting that the values should be there but they were empty.

The alert description in the console however did contain the names. Since these names were contained in single quotes, this led me to believe it had to be caused by something like the quotes had to be escaped (like some special characters in for instance XML need to). The alert description looked something like this:
  • "Could not allocate space for object '[ObjectName]' in database '[DatabaseName]' because the filegroup '[FileGroupName]' is full"

The problem here was totally different however because i used the AlertName in the message instead of the AlertDescription. The 2 space characters in the AlertName are somewhat misleading here and set me off to look totally in the wrong direction.

The AlertName is the name of the alert as specified in the monitor or rule, where the AlertDescription states the actual values of the error.
So now you know too... Don't let the space characters fool you.
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