MMGui update (New Version)

As of now a new version of MMGui is available. Version 1.16 1.20.

Fixes and improvements are:

  • Fixed an issue where cluster-nodes could not be put in maintenance mode
  • Fixed an authorization issue where non-administrators were unable to check the RMS-name
  • Added an option for number of days to put a server in maintenance mode
  • A comment no longer needs to be specified when activating maintenance mode

Update, Saturday May 16:

Fixes and improvements from 1.16 to 1.20:

  • Fixed a minor bug, first introduced in version 1.16
  • Added the option to select a category and reason for planned and unplanned maintenance mode

The new version can still be downloaded here. I hope this will help you.

Note: This post is a follow-up on this one.

Maintenance Mode GUI

Putting  objects into maintenance mode in Operations Manager can be a cumbersome experience if you're not to familiar with operations manager.

If I wish to put a computer into maintenance mode, normally I'd have to open up the console and put it into maintenance mode in three different places. First you get into the computer view, select the computer, put this into maintenance mode, and afterwards you'll have to repeat this steps twice more in the discovered inventory view for the 'health service' target and the 'health service watcher' target for the specific computer.

In my search for a solution to this problem a came upon several great powershell scripts which do this for you all at once. Boris Yanushpolsky wrote a script to put an agent into maintenance mode which can be found here.

He also wrote a Group Maintenance mode script to put an entire group into maintenance mode all at once. This script is found here.

Then there are various versions like a group maintenance mode script which asks for input, and a web-based maintenance mode by Steve Rachui. These are all great and very useful scripts. I'm very charmed by the graphical interpretation of the web based maintenance mode but I didn't really want to install a separate website.

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Failed to initialize the console

During some actions on the authoring pane i apparently ran into a corrupted element 'cause i ran into an object not found exception.
It was something like:
Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Common.ObjectNotFoundException: An object of type MonitoringClass with Id [someguid] was not found.

after that the console crashed and i could not start it anymore.
Restarting services or a reboot of the RMS gave no solution.
I continuously ran into the following error.

Date: 10/4/2007 10:50:46 AM
Application: System Center Operations Manager 2007
Application Version: 6.0.5000.0
Severity: Error
Message: Failed to initialize the console.

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Don't let the spaces fool you

Well hello... I've been away for quite a while. This is mainly due to me being busy on building some new rooms on the top floor in my house. I'm almost finished now and a new Wolzak is on the way and due to arrive at the 21st of november.
Yesterday i ran into a problem that, in the end, wasn't a problem at all.
We have notifications in opsmgr 2007 set to send us e-mails and sms messages to certain events. I got a complaint from our servicedesk that they received the following alert by SMS:

  • "Could not allocate space for object  in database  because the filegroup  is full"

The problem however was that the database name was missing from the alert, as was the object name and filegroup name. The location where the values should be only contained 2 space characters, suggesting that the values should be there but they were empty.

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The Operations Manager 2007 Backup and Recovery Guide

The operations manager 2007 Backup and Recovery Guide has been release and can be downloaded at:

This guide provides guidance in planning for backup and recovery of System Center Operations Manager 2007 server roles and components. The information in this guide will complement your existing recovery strategy to avoid service disruption.

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